14 February 2009

So Fucking Tired

Baby knitting is done for now (I might get some more yarn and make stuff for my other friend's baby, Simon, but Aurora's stuff is done for now). I still have some purple yarn, so I will either make her more things later, or more likely, use it for myself for something ... it's such a pretty color, and I love purple.The knitting project I'm currently working on is a pair of "wristlets", which are like really short armwarmers, but the pattern's adorable, and they're really cute and ruffley. And there's cables, which are fun. I'll post pictures when they're done.

I've gotten as much done with the prologue of my NaNovel as I could, and I submitted it for my writing group's next meeting, so next Thursday, everyone will rip it to shreds. Woot. Hopefully I'll survive. And meanwhile, I can maybe do some more work on the first couple chapters, and get them ready for getting ripped to shreds.

I'm officially dating a boy named Andy; he's pretty spiffy. It's been good so far; except I sometimes worry (because that's what I do) that all the good things I got by not-dating are going away again because I'm in a relationship now, but ... on serious reflection, I don't think that's true, or at least not to the extent that I worry about. So whatever.

I do not have guinea pigs yet. I'm gonna call my mom soon to see when the transfer can happen ... I'll post pictures when I have the cavies (proper name for g.p.s, pronounced kay-vees), so you all can see them.
I think I will name them Panda and Bear. (Panda has to be called Panda, because she has black spots around her eyes, like a panda.) Objections? Is that too ... something?

06 February 2009

Belated Updates

I meant to post something at the end of January, but that was a no-go. Apparently.
So, here we go:
I totally fell down on writing everyday, but I have concluded that it was the fault of Smith's no longer carrying the 3-pound bags of pretzels that I usually buy and then munch on while writing. In order to write, I need to snack; I need to snack a lot, which is why I need a three-pound bag of pretzels ... the wimpy little one-pound bags are completely useless.
So, I'm going to try looking harder (in other stores, etc.) for three-pound bags of pretzels, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, so that I can get back to writing.
And hopefully, if I can start writing again everyday, I'll go back to violining everyday ... I practice the violin everyday that I write. I don't know why.
I DID take pictures nearly every day last month, so that was exciting.
I also learned some fancy knitting: I can now do ribbing, stockinette stitching, and cables! (way cool!) After my bout of baby-knitting is done, I am going to tackle Celtic knotwork ... I'll maybe make some armwarmers, or something easy like that, with some Celtic knotwork all over it.

On something other than the projects front, I went on three dates in January: two first dates and one second date: the first-and-second dates were with the boy mentioned in my last post (who, by the way, Britta, is not the same boy that I told you about before ... ).
But, the other first-date: I went on a second date with him recently, and I think it went well. We'll see how it goes. At the very least, I know for a fact that he has not had any recent break-ups, so there's that.

The major thing that has happened so far in February was my Imbolc ritual: it was very major, and I think directly responsible for the fact that I have no brain right now. My friends/teachers told me that whenever they do major workings like that, and lose their brains, it's because the brain has gone to the Underworld (the subconscious) and is rearranging things there, and when it comes back, it will come back different in some way. (I hope I am saying this in a way that makes sense ... )
Actually, though, the fact that I'm posting alone means that my brain is probably starting to come back. So, hopefully in a few days I'll have 100% brain capacity again ...

And finally, I am getting guinea pigs soon. As soon as my mom figures out a good time to affect the transfer. I'm getting a cage, because my mom bought my sister an easier-to-clean cage (because she's ten), so I get the old cage, which is cool. So all I have to do is buy the water bottle and food dishes and the little stuff. And the renewable stuff (bedding, food, etc.) can mostly be found at Smith's, which is useful for me.

But anyway, I have to head out, pick up my paycheck, and go grocery-and-guinea-pig shopping! Yay!
Love you all!