03 March 2011

Unwhole Grains

So, on Tuesday, I ate waffles made of white rice flour, and white rice with both dinner and lunch. (And, because I couldn't help it, I bought gluten-free ginger snaps with white rice flour in them. I didn't eat the whole bag, though.)
On Tuesday, I have some stuffy nose, but that's hard to gauge, really, as my nose is constantly clogged up ... well, almost constantly. I've started using a Neti pot and Breathe Right strips, and I get more clear nose more often than ... well, probably ever. Still, a thing to report.
Yesterday and today, my joint pain is more than it was before. My joint pain had decreased to an ignorable state (or very nearly), either due to the diet, or the drugs, or likely a combination of both. But now it increases. It's still manageable, but it hurts more, and that's harder.
Also, I had a bout of anxiety/depression/brokenness last night, which is not terribly unusual, given that it was a choir night, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.

Tomorrow's a new day, and a new food choice. I think it'll be dairy.
Love you all, thanks for reading.