27 January 2008


So, when I shaved my head, I stopped shaving. Officially. I hadn't shaved my legs for months before that, but that was just laziness. I also hadn't shaved my pubic region for years before that, but that was an isolated decision, different from stopping shaving entirely.
Now that I'm not shaving my head anymore, I feel like shaving again. Just my legs and armpits.
I don't know what to do with this.

Also, due to an unpleasant interpersonal encounter, whenever I shower, I scrub my armpits at least three times. Today I found that my skin was peeling there.

Gods, I hate the things we do for aesthetics ...

(During that same unpleasant interpersonal encounter, I was told that it was unhygienic not to shave--NO, women shave for aesthetic reasons, not hygienic. If we shaved for hygiene, men would shave, too.)

21 January 2008

Holy Fucking Snow

My gods, it's like an Arctic Adventure outside.
The snow is--no shit--a foot deep, give or take a few inches, for variation.

It's ridiculous. And it's a gods-damned good thing I don't work today.

And yet, I left my room in a thin short-sleeved shirt, an unbuttoned coat, no gloves, scarf or hat, unlaced snow boots (for ease in taking off/putting on), and my hands not even in my pockets.
I went to the back door, tried it, knocked, waited, then had to go around to the front door and unlock that (I have a key to the front door, but not the back), and my cheeks were slightly chilly.
I love/hate the weather here, the same as I love/hate the weather in Chicago. I don't know which is better.


I'm reading Othello.
My brother has a book of "Four Great Tragedies" (NOT including Romeo and Juliet) that I borrowed yesterday to make my Best Safety Lies in Fear shirt ... I took several lines from the scene (in Hamlet) where Laertes tells Ophelia that Hamlet may say that he loves her, and "Perhaps he loves you now", but not to actually believe him or pin any hopes on him. I painted the lines on the shirt with fabric paint, and left the book on the counter.
So, I went into the house to go to the bathroom, and decided that I should eat something while I was there--and I was like, Gee, I'd really like to read something while I eat, but I don't really want to trudge through the snow to my room and back just for a book--so I picked up the Shakespeare book to read Othello, because it came after Hamlet, and Hamlet was first, and I've already read Hamlet. (After Othello is King Lear, which I haven't read, and then MacBeth, which I read in school, and so technically, haven't read.)

Anyway. Much love.

15 January 2008


The official move date is the second weekend of February. We don't have a place yet, but my sister is checking out a couple places this week, including one on Shakespeare Ave., which would just about be the coolest thing ever!
I still need to tell work (and a few friends) that I'm moving, but I am so ready for a fresh start. Something new.

I pull a Tarot card every morning, as a simple divination, and a couple days ago I got the Three of Wands, which generally indicates travel, success in ventures, etc. However, my deck, the DruidCraft Deck, depicts a man standing in the foreground with three willow saplings growing out of the ground, looking out into the background, which is uninhabited countryside.
When the Celts wanted to start a new community, or move, the community would send some people on ahead to plant willow, because it grows so damn fast. The rest of the community would show up a little later and use the willow they'd planted to make their houses.
So this card is the move, or the preparing for the move.

Three of Wands also refers to a venture or project which brings three factors together, so I pulled three cards: The High Priestess (the Divine Feminine, intuition, and specifically, the path I am on right now, which involves recovery from addiction); Three of Cups (friendship, companionship, specifically my relationship with my sister, because we haven't always been friends); and Ace of Pentacles reversed (my shitty money situation, which led me to living with my family which allowed me to save enough money to actually do this, because I've been wanting to move to Chicago for a while, but never had the means).
I thought that was pretty fucking awesome.

I can't remember if I mentioned the "Pagan-flavored but secular 12-step group" in Chicago that I really want to join when I get there.

But anyway, I'm borrowing my friend's computer, and he just came back from showering, so I'll stop ignoring him and hang out.
Love you all!!!!!!!

12 January 2008

My mom's playing Shania Twain ...

... and I'm about to off myself.

I'm only in the main house because the internet connection is stronger here, and I really want some better ringtones for my new phone. Like Emilie Autumn. Or perhaps Rasputina.
Speaking of Emilie Autumn and Rasputina, I just came across a CD put together by Emilie Autumn, one of the chicks from Rasputina, and some other people, entitled Attrition: All mine enemys whispers. It's the story of a Victorian mass murderer, Mary Ann Cotton, who poisoned 20 of her children/partners.
My gods, it sounds amazing!
Release date is in late March, and there was no price listed, yet, so I can't even pre-order it yet. But it comes with reproduction stickers of original Victorian poison bottle labels. How cool is that?

Anyway, plans for Chicago are moving swiftly towards the me-ending-up-in-Chicago-very-soon direction.
I basically have to figure out how much money I'll need to get there, and to pay for first rent and all that shit, and figure out when I'll have that much, and Emily (my sister) needs to find us a place to live. Then I'm good to go.
Good thing I haven't been working on Saturdays lately. More time to pack.

Anyway. Love you all, more updates when I get them. I need to buy some ringtones, shower, and escape to my bedroom for some darkwave victoriandustrial musically orgasmic deliciousness.


01 January 2008

Happy New Year!

It's 2008!
And my New Year's Eve was pretty freaking awesome.

My sisters are talking about New Year's Resolutions. I haven't come up with one. Maybe I'll think about it.

But certain New Year's goals are:
To move out of this F-ing house. (Possibly to Chicago)
To see a doctor, and get my thyroid fixed.
To de-clutter, get rid of as much of my crap as I can.

Anyway, here's hoping your New Year's are everything you want them to be.
Love you all!