31 May 2011

Two days of rest, plus working at 6am (which is not very restful, I admit), and two episodes of House later, and I'm still yawning, but that might be the part where I woke up at 4:30am this morning, or the part where I got less than 6 hours of sleep last night, or even the antidepressant still making me yawn for no reason.
Who knows.
I'm leaving for Whole Foods in two minutes, to pick up some vitamins we ran out of /sadface/ and some more soymilk, before we run out of that, and maybe something to offer the gaming group tonight: we're meeting at my house this week, which is a yay in some aspects, but the part where I suddenly realize that I forgot an errand and have to be back before a certain time is ... well, actually, I guess it's about the same as normal, because I usually get a ride to gaming ... and I usually forget to buy food to share ...
Anyway, gotta run now.

30 May 2011


CONduit is Salt Lake's science-fiction/fantasy convention. It was, as usual, amazing. Strangely enough, the panels are not what I remember this time (not as much, anyway). I got to see some old friends and make new ones, I bought a keseira (jewelry from the Wheel of Time books) in green, because they only had Ajah colors, and there is no Purple Ajah, and while I like red better than green, I like the Green Ajah WAY better than the Red. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, read the Wheel of Time. Like, now. )
I also got something I've been wanting for a WHILE: a strawberry-embroidered handkerchief. A woman with a fancy sewing machine was doing machine-embroidery, and I happened to have a handkerchief on me, so she embroidered a strawberry (well, two strawberries) on it. It's a reference to Othello, so if you don't know what I'm talking about, go see Othello. Or just read it.
Probably the best thing, though, was getting a poem critiqued by Michael R. Collings. He had a booth set up so you could show up with a poem and he would read it through and give you a mini critique. I think it was helpful.
I also won a piece of artwork: a watercolor (I think?) on a cloth scroll of Alice at tea time ... She's wearing black-and-white striped stockings and it's beautiful ...

Anyway, I now have lots of ideas about writing, mostly urban fantasy ... I think I want to set an urban fantasy (series) in Haiti ... it will require research.
Time to go to bed, I have to wake up super-early for work.