23 January 2012

Emilie Autumn

All right, it's official: I'm taking a break from the writing/publishing madness I've been working on since finishing Autumn Eddy, until Saturday. Why?
Emilie Autumn.
If you don't know who she is, and you live in or near Utah, be at the Complex (in SL,UT) on Friday night at seven o'clock. It's required--the Victoriandustrial Gwar-esque concert will leave you begging for mercy. There will be blood. There will be glitter. You will get tea spat at you (or possibly Tang-infused vodka). And there will be mind-blowing violin solos. 

Anyway, the arrival of an Emilie Autumn concert always means a bout of sewing, and I've been trying to balance that and the writing, and I've been failing miserably. So I'm just going to take a break. I'll start writing again on Saturday.

Love you all. See you Friday.

11 January 2012

My goal for today ...

... is to finish Story #1. I'm pretty close, I think. I hope.
I've already written 1000+ words today, and I'm going strong. The story is also over 7,500 words, which according to some people means that it's officially no longer a short story, and is in fact a novelette.
It's possible this will happen to all my stories, but I hope to be able to write at least a few short stories.

Also, I'd like to report that my writing speed this week is up 200 words/hour. Last week I managed about 2.6K in 7.5 hours, and when I broke for lunch today, I had written about 5K in 9 hours (this week). (BTW, my "writing weeks" run from Friday to Thursday, so i can brag about how many hours I've written in the past week at my Thursday-night writing group.)
So, anyway, that's a jump from about 350 words/hour to about 550 words/hour.
My goal is to get back to at least my Qwerty speed, which during November was about 400 words in 15 minutes. So, I still have a way to go, but I'm hopeful.

Back to work. 

04 January 2012

Challenge updates

Short Story Challenge
I've been writing every day since Sunday, for at least an hour. I have the beginning of a short story that will be one in a series of four--and I'm excited about that. And writing ties directly into:

Dvorak Challenge
On Sunday, I typed for an hour and a half, and I wrote 307 words. Today, I worked for an hour, and produced 500 words. Back in November, when I was writing like mad and using QWERTY, I could write about 400 words in a 15 minute sprint. So, I still have a ways to go, but I feel confident. I want to get back up to speed, and I want more 8-hour writing days (I never wrote for eight hours straight; I just did sprints, and took breaks, and sometimes took walks, and came back, ready to pound out more words.

Exercise Challenge
Not so great. I did walk around our block (uphill about half the time, and downhill and level-ish the rest of the time) for half an hour, and I only had to suck on my inhaler 2 or 3 times. My goal is to do that without the inhaler, of course.
But that's it. Well--I did walk to and from work a couple times this week (no buses over the holiday, including Monday, which I thought was extra rude).
But I also just finished a (completely delicious) grilled bacon-and-cheese sandwich, with a glass of orange juice, because I felt guilty. So, you know.
But I'm walking to work today, in just a few minutes (which is why I only wrote for an hour today).

Anyway, more later!