10 August 2010


I'd wanted to post a detailed account of the situation up to now, but ... I just spent two hours playing Age of Empires instead of working on the house stuff. Which, technically, I said I'd start tomorrow, so I sorta have a free day, but there's other things to do besides pack, sooo ...
Anyway, DP and I found a lovely place a few blocks east of 9th & 9th (which is where I work), and we're moving in very soon: DP has to be out of his place by the 22nd. I'm good until the end of the month, but I'll probably still start moving things before then, and possibly start living there when DP does (and then continue to move the non-daily essentials in).
We'll see how it goes.
I'll try to post frequently, if not in-depth-ly, but no guarantees.
NOW! Off to do laundry and gather artesian well-water (don't know if I'll be able to continue to do that once I've moved ... I'll be eight or more blocks away from the well ... /sadface/).
Love you all.

04 August 2010


Feeling depressed, anxious. I'm thinking about quitting my life (except for work) for one week. That way, I would always know where I was supposed to be and what was expected of me (except for work). I would quite possibly refuse to talk to anyone except my roommate and my boyfriend (and work). I wouldn't go online, I'd just read and sleep and write and drink tea and listen to music. Maybe I'd watch movies and The Guild and other things that are on the internet. But I wouldn't check my email or anything. I wouldn't attend any social activities (though Tuesday night gaming that takes place at my house might be difficult to avoid; I'd have to visit my boyfriend, I guess).
I really feel like that would lower my anxiety levels considerably.

I'm eating chocolate pudding and drinking sleepy tea. Gaming is over, DP was at work until midnight, and I work tomorrow at eleven. I'm feeling really anxious. And depressed.