03 May 2014

Kale Smoothie Secrets

I love smoothies. We also have a shit-ton of kale in the backyard. So I've been looking into recipes involving kale recently (first was the kale lentil soup, and I'll keep making that), and this morning, I experimented with kale in my morning smoothie, and I want to share the two things I learned.
Pineapple is Edible Gold.
I can't taste the kale in my smoothie, because of how sweet pineapple is. I use canned pineapple chunks, and because of how juicy they are, I usually don't need to add any liquid (milk, juice) to my smoothies when I toss in half a dozen chunks.
Use a Unified Color Scheme
Normally, I don't have to worry about this: my normal smoothie fruits are bananas, pineapple, and oranges, with usually one or two brightly coloured berries (usually blackberries or raspberries) thrown in, and it always comes out looking gorgeous.
HOWEVER, when one of your ingredients is a strong color like green, you have to think about color.
My smoothie this morning is made of (bananas and pineapple, of course--those are my smoothie staples) raspberries, blueberries and kale. It's kind of a muddy color. Next time (tomorrow morning) I plan to use blueberries and blackberries together. Or raspberries and strawberries together. Or if I felt like it, I could go get some kiwis, and go for a green smoothie.
The first secret tip is essential for great taste, and should never be ignored. The second tip is mostly for aesthetics, and while that's important, it's not vital. My smoothie this morning, while strange-looking, was yummy and filling, and I'd drink more if I had any left ... alas.