27 August 2007

My Hectic Week

I'm moving in with my family this weekend. Not my ideal situation, but I'm low on cash, and my roommate's moving out soon. And I really am so effing tired of the living situation. (It's a basement apartment, and so is very dark; there's way too much water energy, so it floods; my roommate is suddenly Catholic, and his new girlfriend is vapid (and over all the time).)
But anyway, I need to finish packing by Wednesday, because I'm finally starting my new job on Thursday, so my dad's going to come and get most of the rest of my stuff Wednesday so we don't have to worry about it? Or something.
And did I mention that fact that my family lives in the ass-end of nowhere, and I have my life (job, friends, writing and gaming groups) where I'm living now? Or the fact that my family is moderately-to-highly (but not fanatically) religious/Christian, and that I am moderately-to-highly spiritual/Pagan, and they are going to want me to go to Church, and all that?

Anyway, I gotta go. I'm on a public computer (at least I'll be able to use my family's computer till I get a new Charger for my laptop (old one ruined by flooding in the kitchen) for internet), and my roommate needs his car soon.
Much love! (and bloody muffins)
the Opheliac, the wretched whore

23 August 2007

First Post

Nothing special here. I just have a new account, and so I need to post a "testing" post thingy . . . etc. I'm OCD, what can I say?