29 June 2009

So, where are we going to put the kitchen?

So, when Niel told me we were getting a washer-dryer, in two weeks, a month or so ago, the conversation went like this:
Neil: So, we're getting a washer-dryer.
Me: Yay! Where are we gonna put it?
Neil: Where the fridge is. (Which, my friends, is outside the kitchen, by the back door in a little open space that also houses our recycling.)
Me: Great. Where are we gonna put the fridge?
Neil: In the kitchen.
Me: Where are we gonna put the kitchen?
(Because the kitchen's TINY.)

So, I come home last night from my game, and find the fridge in the kitchen, and the oven pulled out into the middle of the room. No washer-dryer set up yet.
I wake up this morning, and there's still the fridge in the kitchen, and the oven in the middle of the kitchen, and no washer-dryer. Which sucks, because I'm basically out of dry cereal, and I couldn't cook my hot cereal without my stove, and that left me with some weird breakfast bars that didn't really turn out (they still taste fine, but they look weird), and maybe some toast? Oh, and some cherries that had gone a bit off. And no more juice, and no stove to make tea. :(
THEN, the contractors showed up, and I was all excited, and asked them if I was going to get a kitchen again soon, to which they replied, Yes.
Silly me. I somehow assumed that 'soon' meant 'today'. No. When the contractors left, the stove was still in the MIDDLE of the FREAKING kitchen, not plugged in, with a BIG HOLE in the wall leading to where the washer-dryer will be, but still is not ...

Anyway, I moved the oven and plugged it in so I could cook food. Blah. Hopefully this will be done tomorrow, so I can, I dunno, use the kitchen ...

15 June 2009

Peace Corps

I have officially finished my application and submitted it. Finally.
I have two reference providers who need to finish their Letter of Recommendation and hand them to me so I can mail them, but I think the application is still officially submitted, and can begin without them, so I'm less stressed about that than I was about finding three people (really, it was that my manager--one of the people I wanted-- went on vacation right when I finished the main application and realized I needed references and that I needed to submit their names and some information about them, etc. That stressed me out about it.), so that's fine.
The medical survey dealie was kind of annoying, too. Simply because they seemed to assume that you had recently been to a doctor who had thoroughly investigated everything that's wrong with you (unless I'm mistaken, though, that will happen sometime in the next nine months), because there was no way to answer I Don't Know to any of the questions, and there was no kind of comment box into which I could type, so I have chronic pain, and hypothyroid symptoms, but since I haven't been to a doctor, I don't know what's wrong with me.
Meh. Like I said, I'm pretty sure I will have to go to a doctor as part of the application process, and hopefully they'll figure out what's up with me. And hopefully it won't interfere with me going to Africa.

Anyway, just a quick note to update you all about Africa. Love you all!

02 June 2009

Awesome Bumper Sticker

I saw this on a car at work today, so I had to find it and share it with you all:

Bumper stickers almost make me wish I had a bumper to put them on ... almost.