14 February 2008

Happy V-Day

I find that I have to categorize, box, label things.
It manifests in my physical/daily life in the way that I have to have a Knitting Bag. I have to have separate baskets for each of my crafts (jewelry, clay, wood, leather, etc.). And recently, I had a Sunday Gaming Bag that had my Sunday gaming stuff in it, separate from my Tuesday gaming stuff (I did use the same dice and pencil, though, and on Tuesdays and Sundays, had to make sure the dice and pencil were in the right spot). I had a binder for Sunday gaming and a clipboard for Tuesday gaming. I had a separate clipboard for Writing Group on Thursdays. My purses are always large and complicated, with lots of pockets for holding specific things--the velcro pocket in the back for a book or notebook, the zippered pocket in the front for my tissues (I'm allergic to dust and certain animal fur, which means I'm sniffling constantly), the top velcro'd pouch for my coin bag, the bottom velcro'd pouch for my chapstick, nail clippers, lighter, etc. There was a pocket for bus schedules, not to be confused with the pocket for receipts which was right behind the spot I used for my checkbook and the little notebook I use to keep track of what I spend.

And I hate packing because I have to jumble things together in one big box. I have to take certain things (wallet, lotion, etc.) out of my purse and put my purse in a suitcase, because the train only allows a certain number of baggage, which means I need my backpack, not my purse. (My purse won't hold the number of books I want to take with me, nor will it hold my knitting--because I don't have a Knitting Bag yet.)

Anyway. My sister hasn't gotten back to me about anything yet. So I still don't know anything really.

Also, happy V(agina)-Day.

13 February 2008

Moving soon?

Moving drama!
I'll have more updates tomorrow, but I just wanted to say:
There's apparently no heat and no water in our apartment, and we're not sure when it'll be livable.
I've got a train ticket and I'm tired of putting the move off. I mean, I could use the extra time (if I got Amtrak to exchange my ticket for a different date) to go through the rest of my stuff and decide what I can toss, so I have less to ship. But I'm so tired of this.
My parents are driving me nuts, I quit my job so I'm not making any extra money, and I just want to get to Chicago.

Anyway. It's my sister's birthday today. (The one I'm moving in with) Happy Birthday, Sis!!!!
(I really wanted to be in Chicago for her birthday, grrrr)

Well, I'm signing off for the moment. Have a lovely day, everyone.

09 February 2008

Moving soon ...

Quick update:
I'm to be moving soon. It was supposed to be today.

Yesterday, I found out that people under 25 can't rent big cars (vans, SUVs, station wagons, and the like). Actually, Avis would have let me (and Hertz might have, had they any available cars), but it was pricey. But my original reservation with Alamo did me no good, because I couldn't rent the car I wanted, and they didn't have anything else.
Six months! I'll be 25 in six months, does the birthday really matter?

So after some serious frustration, I went home and my mom suggested taking the train (a.k.a. Amtrak). So I looked it up, and it's super-cheap, although I'll have to ship things, and I tried getting ready to leave for today, but no-go.

I've been so stressed. I hate moving.