14 November 2014


Today, instead of writing at least 1,667 words**, I've been reading about rape, because I'm in too much pain*** to concentrate on writing.  
After you follow those links, I suggest a nice healthy dose of baby animals.  

Okay, let's talk briefly about NaNo.  Because, although I'm ahead of par, and can take a break from actual writing today, I'm still going to work.  It just may not be word output.  
So, I had an idea for a novel.  It was the sequel to last year's NaNoNovel.  And in fact, I had hoped to finish that around the 15th, and start on book three, and write a trilogy.  
BUT, that didn't happen.  There are reasons, but I don't feel like going into them at the moment.  
So, I'm writing some short stories, instead.  I'm really hoping to write 50K words worth of short stories, but so far I've finished two stories, one of which I will send to an anthology at the end of the month.  Both will eventually go on my website and on my Patreon page for people to read for free, especially the one for the anthology (which doesn't yet have a title), because I'd like to write other stories set in the same world.  

Anyway, I may post some excerpts here and at Patreon, but later.  For now, it's time for me to take a nap (because I'm really tired), and then work on other stuff, like covers or learning to format ebooks or whatever.  
Love you all.  


* Despite my best efforts, there are probably typos in this post.  I apologize.  Please just deal with it.  

** Novemer is National Novel Writing Month^, which means I'm trying to write 50K^^ words^^^ in one month.  
^ NaNoWriMo or NaNo, for short.  
^^ At least.  I was trying for 100K, but ... 
^^^ Ideally, I'd be writing a novel, but this year ... I'm doing something a bit different.  

*** Due to being female^.  
^ In case that doesn't make sense, I'm menstruating, despite my IUD.  I'm in a lot of pain+ and that or painkillers or both is making it hard for me to brain.  
+ I got my IUD to stop or decrease the heavy bleeding and the debillitating amount of pain that menses brought me.  It became debillitating when painkillers stopped doing their job.  This is not as bad as it was before, and this is the first time in months it's been anywhere near this bad, so I'm still okay with having the IUD.  

 1667 words x 30 days = 50K, so 1667 words x today's date = today's par, aka, where I should be if I'm going to be writing 1667 words every day for a month.