22 December 2008


So, I made a corset recently, for myself (the picture is it), and I'm currently making a corset for my sister for her Christmas present (a picture is forthcoming).
After making my corset, and doing the photoshoot with my friend Cecil, he said that I should make clothes and sell them, because he was WAY excited about the clothes I had made, and the way I was able to cobble together outfits out of existing clothes and scraps of fabric, etc.
So, I was at a fabric store yesterday buying ribbon for the trim for my sister's corset, and the lady who was helping me was asking about my project, so I told her a bit about it all, and she said that so many people come into the store looking to make a corset and get discouraged when they learn how complicated it is, and do I sell them?

So, two prompts in the same direction are enough for me. I talked to my friend Lisa last night, and she gave me lots of ideas about where to advertise that I make corsets, like Ren Faires and there's a Shakespeare Festival somewhere in Utah that's apparently HUGE, and clubs and shows where drag queens hang out (because apparently a friend of hers makes corsets, and has been approached by drag queens who wanted corsets for their shows), etc.
I'm REALLY excited about it. It's gonna have to wait till at least after Christmas, but more specifically, after I'm done with my sister's corset.

Anyway, I'm way excited about it. I'll let you all know how it goes ...
Love you all!


  1. It's a beautiful corset, you are so dang creative. Cecil is right, as always... SELL THEM! The Shakespeare festival is in Cedar City, I think (down near St. George). But LOTS of DQ would love to have them too. And if you had a couple patterns, with a certain stock of different fabric all bought in bulk, you could make a literal KILLING selling them. Custom corsets... I could see people buying them for $100 bux a pop, depending on difficulty.

  2. Awww, thanks!!
    Wait till you see my sister's, it's going to be AWESOME!!

  3. Heck, you could even do listings on your etsy store, couldn't you?

  4. So, I'm going to have to be your first customer, because I absolutely love all the new fun things you keep coming up with! Also, I've tried and tried making corsets in the past and just can't get it right.

  5. Woot!
    I'll hold you to that, Britta!

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