13 February 2008

Moving soon?

Moving drama!
I'll have more updates tomorrow, but I just wanted to say:
There's apparently no heat and no water in our apartment, and we're not sure when it'll be livable.
I've got a train ticket and I'm tired of putting the move off. I mean, I could use the extra time (if I got Amtrak to exchange my ticket for a different date) to go through the rest of my stuff and decide what I can toss, so I have less to ship. But I'm so tired of this.
My parents are driving me nuts, I quit my job so I'm not making any extra money, and I just want to get to Chicago.

Anyway. It's my sister's birthday today. (The one I'm moving in with) Happy Birthday, Sis!!!!
(I really wanted to be in Chicago for her birthday, grrrr)

Well, I'm signing off for the moment. Have a lovely day, everyone.


  1. Oh, that doesn't sound very good! But maybe the last tenants had the heat and water turned off after they moved, and now you just have to set up a new account? I don't know. That's a little shady. My roomie and I have weird issues too -- like we moved in to see that the bathroom had been redone but not put back together, and there were mouse droppings everywhere! Welcome to Chicago. Ugh.

  2. Mouse dropping?! Sweet!

    No, it's not something quite that simple. It's just frustrating. But I AM going to be in Chicago this weekend, godsdammit, no matter what.


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