04 August 2010


Feeling depressed, anxious. I'm thinking about quitting my life (except for work) for one week. That way, I would always know where I was supposed to be and what was expected of me (except for work). I would quite possibly refuse to talk to anyone except my roommate and my boyfriend (and work). I wouldn't go online, I'd just read and sleep and write and drink tea and listen to music. Maybe I'd watch movies and The Guild and other things that are on the internet. But I wouldn't check my email or anything. I wouldn't attend any social activities (though Tuesday night gaming that takes place at my house might be difficult to avoid; I'd have to visit my boyfriend, I guess).
I really feel like that would lower my anxiety levels considerably.

I'm eating chocolate pudding and drinking sleepy tea. Gaming is over, DP was at work until midnight, and I work tomorrow at eleven. I'm feeling really anxious. And depressed.

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