13 August 2011

grim tales: ashputtel

I've mentioned it here before, my desire to create a webcomic. Well, it's finally happened. Inspired by a truly awesome Cinderella story written by a friend of mine, I bought crayons and a pad of paper and starting drawing.
I've been meaning to update the blog about the presence of my comic for a while, but I just haven't gotten around to it till now. (And, I've been putting it on Facebook .... so, I'm not sure anyone who knows me doesn't know about my webcomic, but I still wanted to actually announce it on my blog before sending "Page Up!" updates.
Anyway, here's my fancy comic announcement! (And I worked bloody hard for the thing, too: this would have been posted an hour ago, if the fancy comic announcement had been less persnickety.)

Grim Tales - Ashputtel page 1Grim Tales - Ashputtel page 02Grim Tales - Ashputtel page 03Grim Tales - Ashputtel page 04Grim Tales - Ashputtel page 05Grim Tales - Ashputtel page 06
Grim Tales - Ashputtel page 07Grim Tales - Ashputtel page 08Grim Tales - Ashputtel page 09

Chapter 1 is Ashputtel, the German/Brothers Grimm version of Perrault's Cinderella. If I can figure out how to do it, I might take votes for which story Chapter 2 will be ... my current inclination is Red Riding Hood, but I'm open to suggestions.
However, that means: tell your friends! If  I run a poll, and only get two votes, I'll be mighty embarrassed ... plus, I might be forced into doing something boring, like The Frog Prince.

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