11 January 2012

My goal for today ...

... is to finish Story #1. I'm pretty close, I think. I hope.
I've already written 1000+ words today, and I'm going strong. The story is also over 7,500 words, which according to some people means that it's officially no longer a short story, and is in fact a novelette.
It's possible this will happen to all my stories, but I hope to be able to write at least a few short stories.

Also, I'd like to report that my writing speed this week is up 200 words/hour. Last week I managed about 2.6K in 7.5 hours, and when I broke for lunch today, I had written about 5K in 9 hours (this week). (BTW, my "writing weeks" run from Friday to Thursday, so i can brag about how many hours I've written in the past week at my Thursday-night writing group.)
So, anyway, that's a jump from about 350 words/hour to about 550 words/hour.
My goal is to get back to at least my Qwerty speed, which during November was about 400 words in 15 minutes. So, I still have a way to go, but I'm hopeful.

Back to work. 

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