15 August 2012

Grim Tales

Grim Tales is back. I've been posting it to Facebook, so maybe everyone who reads this already knows. But, after a super-long absence, I am finally drawing again. Health Month is behind it.
Well, technically, my own desire to draw again is behind it, but Health Month gave me the kick in the pants I needed to start doing it again. 
Just a reminder, you can read Grim Tales at:

I'm noticing a pattern: things that I once loved, then set aside, almost forgot about entirely, are starting to come back. I think part of that was my decision to ease up on forcing myself to write--which wasn't working anyway--that somehow that freed up space in my heart or mind or brain to go back to other things I feel really passionate about. 
I'm starting to get an inkling into how I can live the life I want, to be a writer and a photographer and a webcomic artist and a costumer and .... and it'll take some time for me to work it out, but I feel more whole just contemplating it. 
Because that's a big deal to me: sometimes I feel like I'm half a dozen people, all stuffed into one skin. So it's important to me that all those different people get to come out and play. 

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