27 February 2014

I need your help!

I'm actually working on TWISTING FATES today (yay!), and I need help.
The Gods-tongue is the language spoken by the Gods, and if mortals could speak it properly, then they'd have basically magic.
What I need is: what do you call the written language of the Gods?  I'd prefer the format of the word/phrase to be the same, like Gods-alphabet or Gods-syllabary, only punchier, the way Gods-tongue is only two syllables.  It's an important concept, so the name for it is important.  (Also, alas, I don't yet know if the written language has an alphabet vs a syllabary vs heiroglyphs vs whatever.)
It's really annoying.  


  1. Here are some possible options: Gods-mark, Gods-rune, Gods-sign, Gods-code or Gods-word. Thoughts? (William)

  2. Those are useful suggestions--thanks! Not sure yet which one I'll use, but at least I have ideas now.


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