03 December 2007

As Cool As I Am

I'm going to be getting insurance really soon. (It should have been set up Friday, but our boss (Tara) called the insurance people, and they didn't answer, and as of when I left work on Friday, they hadn't called back ... Tara was sick Saturday, the Tea Shop is closed Sundays, and I don't work today ... ) Once I get insurance, I'm going to see a doctor.

I'm looking for a new place to live, also roommates. There's two places I kinda want--the first, the girl who lives there sounds pretty kick-ass, and I think we'd get along. The second, I'd have a room and a living room-type of thing to myself, which means, space for writing and ritual. They're both not really in the area I want, but that's okay.

Also, I bought a humidifier, and it has made SUCH a difference! I've been sleeping better since I got it.

It snowed majorly, and my stairs are covered in snow, which sucks. I feel like I'm going to fall and die whenever I go down them ...

Also, I was starting to hate my hair, because I'm not going to shave it again, and it's growing out and in that in-between stage, and I wear a hat all the time at work, which made it worse. I was talking to a friend of mine, who suggested dying an extreme color, "like platinum blond or black", to help me get through the in-between stage. I was like, "Well, I've done black before ... "
So, I bought some bleach, and yesterday:

You look out of the kitchen window and you shake your head and say low,
"If I could believe that stuff, I'd say that woman has a halo,"
And I look out and say, "Yeah, she's really blond."
As Cool As I Am
, Dar Williams

I'm listening to Dar Williams. The thing about Dar is, she uses words very differently than most people. It makes her songs seem a little ... weird. I was listening to a mix CD my lover made me a while back, and we were talking, and suddenly I heard the line "You stopped and pointed and you said, "That's a crocus," And I said, "What's a crocus?" and you said, "It's a flower," I tried to remember, but I said, "What's a flower?" You said, "I still love you."
And I said, is that Dar Williams? And he said, very good, how did you know? And I said, because the lyrics almost made sense.
But I've discovered that there's an emotion behind her songs, and if you can connect to that emotion, then the song suddenly makes sense. It happened with February (the flower song), and then with As Cool As I Am on Saturday. So, that makes two of her songs that I actually understand.

Anyway. I hope everyone's having a lovely day.
I love you all!


  1. Ooooo, I love the new color! Just gorgeous!
    I have a tendency to dye my hair as well, whenever I've hit that in-between stage and I'm utterly frustrated with it.


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