12 January 2008

My mom's playing Shania Twain ...

... and I'm about to off myself.

I'm only in the main house because the internet connection is stronger here, and I really want some better ringtones for my new phone. Like Emilie Autumn. Or perhaps Rasputina.
Speaking of Emilie Autumn and Rasputina, I just came across a CD put together by Emilie Autumn, one of the chicks from Rasputina, and some other people, entitled Attrition: All mine enemys whispers. It's the story of a Victorian mass murderer, Mary Ann Cotton, who poisoned 20 of her children/partners.
My gods, it sounds amazing!
Release date is in late March, and there was no price listed, yet, so I can't even pre-order it yet. But it comes with reproduction stickers of original Victorian poison bottle labels. How cool is that?

Anyway, plans for Chicago are moving swiftly towards the me-ending-up-in-Chicago-very-soon direction.
I basically have to figure out how much money I'll need to get there, and to pay for first rent and all that shit, and figure out when I'll have that much, and Emily (my sister) needs to find us a place to live. Then I'm good to go.
Good thing I haven't been working on Saturdays lately. More time to pack.

Anyway. Love you all, more updates when I get them. I need to buy some ringtones, shower, and escape to my bedroom for some darkwave victoriandustrial musically orgasmic deliciousness.



  1. Wow! That CD sounds just spectacular! I'll definitely have to check it out!

    Oh, and good luck with your potential move! Try the Apartment People in Chicago -- it's a FREE apartment-finding service, and they will actually drive you around to all the available apartments in your price range, you pick the one you want, sign the lease, and your good to go. I've lived in 3 different apartments through this service, and I highly recommend them.

  2. Hey, thanks for the recommendation. There's something like that here in SLC, and I've used it once before. It was pretty good. (Well, the apartment started flooding after a while, but that wasn't really something they could predict; it was the neighbor's fault ... and the landlords were really good about it)

    (Now all I need is The Job People ... lol)

    I found the CD through, in case you didn't want to do a search. I've used Projekt before (buying EA CDs), and they're pretty good.

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