31 March 2008

Chicago Weather

Oh, my gods, the weather today has been what I've missed in Utah. It's the clean-world just-rained feel, the way the world smells like it's just been washed clean by the rain. I can feel the moisture in the air, and the temperature's just right, cool but nothing extreme. It's amazing.

Also, I just finished my first day (at work)! Woo-hoo!
It was pretty cool.

On the unfortunately side, stupid things have happened with our internet, namely, that Comcast is acting like we've talked to them, when we haven't yet, and they've given us a page that we can't navigate around. It doesn't matter what I do, the page just sits there, saying, Welcome to Comcast!
So, I'm at a library computer. Woot.
And I hate Comcast anyway, and I hate the stupid fucking internet companies a hellalot, but Comcast especially. I really like stealing internet from my neighbors. That was nice.
The most annoying thing about Comcast is that they expect you to want cell phones, internet and cable all at the same time, and guess what ... I DON'T! I already have a cell phone, thank you, and my sister and I voted unanimously to not have a TV. At all. We watch movies on her computer. So what good would cable do us? I'm quite content to not watch TV.
Meh. So, eventually we'll get that figured out. But it's stupid.


  1. Really? Hmm . . . I've always had Comcast (internet only too) and have never had a problem with them. In fact, they completely rewired my last apartment free of charge. Have you tried RCN? I've heard good things about them from friends. Just a thought.

  2. What's RCN??
    Meh. It stopped. Randomly.
    But seriously, what's RCN?

  3. It's like Comcast. I think you can set up a combination of phone + internet + cable, or just one at a time. It sounds like you only need internet anyway, which is what most people use RCN for.

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