24 March 2008

Oh, my gods, Cafepress

Hey, guess what? I checked out my Cafepress account for the first time in forever, and I've sold 12 things! They have this thing where they don't pay the vendor until after the money-back guarantee time period is over, so I won't get paid till probably next month, but I've got $27!
Granted, that's not very much, but it's $27 for two shirts that have the alphabet on it, with 'tea' instead of 't', and ten bags with a really simple manipulation on it. (One guy bought ten bags ... ). You know, so, what, 5 minutes of work altogether? Maybe a bit more. But still.
That's pretty gods-damned exciting.


  1. Sorry I never returned your phone call the other day! I literally could not talk for a while after the oral surgery, so I'll have to call you sometime this week.

    But anyway, I'm glad you've found a job, even if it is part-time. We need to catch up soon . . . although I will see you Saturday night! Yay!

  2. bloomergrrl: *hugs*
    Good to hear from you!!


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