27 November 2008

hey, it's a holiday ...

First, important news flash: I was NOT depressed yesterday! Yay!

But it's Thanksgiving, which is a "family" holiday, and it's the first Thanksgiving EVER where I'm not spending it with some version of family (the best was probably when I was with Nick, and I spent it with HIS family, because I actually liked his family).
That's the thing. I'd be depressed if I was spending the day with my family (or worse, if I was spending the weekend with my family) because they'd manage to make known to me all the ways in which I am a disappointment--or they would ignore me, either way.

But the only plan I have for Thanksgiving is something later tonight where I'm likely to know one person, and meanwhile all of my friends are off frolicking with their families, and I'm effing depressed.

I fucking hate holidays. Or at least Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year's ... it's the time of year I am most forcibly reminded that, for the most part, no one really sees me ...


  1. I mean exactly what I said, my dear. We can talk about it more somewhere other than my blog's comment section, if you like--it's a little too personal for me for that.

  2. I miss you, grrrl. I am just catching up on your blogging tonight (as I too avoid pieces of my own family). I'm glad you have plans for later tonight that may hopefully be more enjoyable for you.


  3. Thanks, sweetie ... happy turkey day. Hope you have fun.

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