19 November 2008



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It was TONS of fun, by the way. I really like modeling. I got to dress up--the corset is something I made, the skirt was modified with lots of safety pins and some tulle and some padding to make it puffy--and put on crazy makeup and do my hair REAL crazy, and it was just FUN.
Plus, honestly, I think that modeling is a more healthy outlet for my self-centered/attention-needy tendencies. MUCH better than trying to find a boy who will pay attention to me.

Anyway, I've got nearly 23,500 words (of the 50,000 needed for National Novel Writing Month), so I'm going to finish up my web-trawling and attention-whoring, and go back to writing.
Much love to you all!!!

1 comment:

  1. Love, love, love!

    You are so gorgeous, grrrrl!

    I'm so sad we never got to do any photo shoots together.


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