29 December 2008

Home again.

Just a brief update to say that I'm home again in my own home, and no longer hanging out with my family. I failed to see my aunts and uncle, which is sad, but ...
I've been practicing my violin a little, but I haven't been writing much. Blah.

But anyway ... I downloaded a bunch of rare Emilie Autumn songs from, and I'm in love.
I love Emilie Autumn.

Also, my little sister's guinea pigs had babies again (probably the first boy baby impregnated his mother, since the father's had his balls cut out), and there's a possibility I might take the new babies. It depends on a couple things, like money and whether or not I can get all the supplies, and stuff, but I really want an animal or two, and cats are right out, as my roommate is allergic. So, I was thinking about rats, but since there are guinea pigs that will need a home soon ... I'm just hoping they're both girls. (They could be both boys, and what I've read so far says that more than two boys tend to be territorial (implying that two boys is fine), but I just remember from my mice days that multiple females was considered preferable than multiple males, because multiple males would fight and be more smelly.)
So, we'll see.

Anyway, like I said, just a quick update. I love you all!


  1. You can usually find cheap or free aquariums on craigslist. If you need shavings (we have the kind with the stuff that makes grass photosynthesize) or anything, let us know. We have a bag leftover from when we had dwarf hamsters. I'd say you could use our cages but they are pretty small- too small, probably, for guinea pigs. Just let us know if you want the chips so we can get it from where it is stored.

  2. Hey, thanks!
    Yeah, I hadn't thought about Craigslist. If I decide I want them (the guinea pigs), I'll let you know.
    Yeah, what I've been reading says guinea pigs need lots of room to run around in, so small cages are probably no good.

  3. Rodent pets are so fun! Yay!

    Also, speaking of EA, did you know she was in NYC this past November and I had tickets but was forced to work until practically midnight that day and had to miss my once-in-a-lifetime chance to see her?! Argh!!!

  4. Oh, my gods, Britta! I'm so sorry!
    I knew she was going to NYC, and I thought it would have been so awesome if I'd gone to NYC, and visited you, and we could go to the show together, and all that, but it was in the middle of November, and I ASSUMED (silly me), that a US date meant she was coming back to the US, and I'd have more chances to see her, and November I was writing a novel, so I totally didn't.
    I'm just going to have to ask for a trip to Europe for my birthday this year (hahaha) ... she played in England the day before and after my birthday last year, and I really wanted to go ...


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