31 December 2008


Okay, my first goal was to make my BFS goals more manageable, so here's my attempt:

-produce a 2nd, or less rough, draft of my 2008 NaNo novel
-win NaNo 2009 (50,000 words in November 2009)
-make my bedroom look better: a real bed/futon, a better computer desk, more shelves
-learn to be more happy with life as I know it, find things to be grateful for or happy about ... more joy and more peace in my life
-create a women's retreat (OR the Fun version, below)
-Project 365: take a picture a day for one year

-sew a new wardrobe for myself: at least, three new pairs of pants (based on a pair I already have), one more corset for myself, two skirts, one shirt, and one pair of underwear (based on a pair I already have)
-sit down in front of the computer every day, to write or edit or think or plot
-practice violin every day
-learn to do "fancy stuff" with knitting
-finish the poetry CD project I started this year (which requires me to acquire recording equipment, even just GarageBand)
-spend time at a women's retreat (something like this)
-brush up on French and Russian (I'll define this more later, it's new)

-get a gods-damned job!
-sell artwork! in a gallery! (or a cafe, or something like that)
-start seriously paying off my debt

Love you all! Happy New Year!


  1. Ooh! The "fancy stuff" in knitting- that's a goal I can share! I can do the basic knit and purl, but I would love to be able to do ribbing or those cool ribbon-looking things that look like braiding. I think I'll learn that too! :D

  2. I can do the basic "knit" I tried learning purl, and I can kinda do it, but I don't know how to *use* it, you know?


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