01 March 2009

February: A Waste

You know, mostly.
No, I just feel bad because I didn't get to see the Vagina Monologues, let alone participate (I wanted to audition for tVM put on by the U). Also, I don't think I played the violin all month, and I've only written a tiny bit. I also didn't even take pictures every day: I missed three days. I was sick, but still.

But March will be so much better! I promise. Tomorrow, I'm going to look for a new job and see if the upscale children's clothing store at 9th and 9th will take local artists' work on commission (or, even better, just purchase it outright), because if so, I'm going to knit some fancy children's clothing, and see if I can sell it.
And I'll write at least six times a week (I'm giving up on doing much of anything on Sundays).
But I have to go if I want to get to game on time!

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  1. March should have better energy. I know I didn't accomplish much in Feb either- except for having a baby, of course, but that doesn't count as accomplishing something, in my opinion, because that's the life force running through me, not something I'm making myself do. You know?


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