14 March 2009


Script Frenzy: a writing challenge put on by the Office of Letters and Light, who also does NaNoWriMo, in which one writes a 100-page script in the month of April.
So, I decided today that I was going to do it, so I signed up! My page, if you'd like to visit it:
I've very excited, for many reasons. I've never written a script before. I've never even thought about scripts before, really. I have read bits of Firefly scripts, and found them fascinating, but I've never read the entire script for even a TV show. Writing scripts is WAY different from writing prose. WAY different. I'd like to emphasize that. I have an actual plot-like thing. In fact, my script will be an adaptation from a short story that I will have finished (writing) by April 1st. So, I'll have more than just a plot-like thing. Which is WAY more than I started with with NaNo. Just as a reminder, my idea for NaNo was: a vampire novel. 100 pages is WAY shorter than 50,000 words. I believe the Screnzy FAQ called it 20,000 words. That's nothing! That's EASY!

So. I'm way excited! And, I have to eat and head on over to visit my boyfriend, so, it's time to go!
Love you all!


  1. GL with your script! Sounds like fun!

  2. I'm planning on trying it again this year, I only got 30 pages last year. Writing scripts is hard! For me at least. But we can battle again, this time with pages! :D


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