02 March 2009

Promised Pictures

I've promised some pictures ... this is mostly for people who don't look at my photoblog, because the pictures are there.
This is the fanciest thing I've done so far, my Victorian wristlets:

Close-up of cables and the picot bind-off:

Close-up of the ruffles:

And here's my cavies!
The first picture is of Panda (you can tell it's Panda by the black circles around his eyes):

And this is Bear:

They are, fortunately, both males, or more specifically, boars. (Females are called sows, and I have no idea what babies are called, and somehow piglets seems wrong.) (But I can't seem to find anything.)

Anyway. I slept in way late today, and I have things I need to do (like write, visit my boyfriend who's sick, take pictures, visit that children's store I mentioned earlier, and look for a job). So I'm signing off now, and I'll chat with you all later. I love you all.

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  1. Beautiful wristlets. And your piggies are adorable! :D


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