19 September 2010

Farmer's Market = Happiness

Yesterday, Dylan and I went to the Farmer's Market. Despite the fact that we got a really late start on the day, and despite the fact that I somehow imprinted on 2pm as the closing time of the Market, rather than 1pm, which is when they actually close, we managed to get some yummy food, and a couple of good deals, because people were closing up.
We got heirloom tomatoes, some amazing apples, one small, very ripe cantaloupe (which we will eat today, probably with lunch), a small watermelon, some gorgeous peaches and a few bundles of garlic, and some tiny pieces of Brazilian Gluten Free bread (made with tapioca flour ... she imports the manioc from South America and makes it into flour herself). I also got a few daffodil bulbs.
We walked home (carrying the watermelon), and when we got home, we made a salad with greens we'd already had in the fridge (red leaf lettuce, spinach, a tiny bit of kale), carrots (shredded), a cucumber from my friends (via the CSA), some goat cheese, and two heirloom tomatoes.
Before eating, I took the tempeh out of the fridge, cut it into cubes, and put it in a bowl with red wine vinegar and some herbs. I put that back into the fridge to marinate.
I had to go to work after lunch for my schedule, so I got a couple things there, including more GF pasta. I'd had an idea ever since we walked out of the Farmer's Market with those heirloom tomatoes.
The tempeh and some onions we'd already had went into the wok-style fry pan with a blend of canola and olive oils. Then went in the mushrooms, the olives, the dried herbs (oregano, marjoram, and rosemary), and finally the heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil. We got out two soup plates (the large, flat bowls) and spooned out some GF pasta (shells!) and poured some of this delight over the shells. Then we grated some sheep-cheese (Pecorino Romano) over it all.
I was a little nervous starting out, because though I've had it in my fridge a while, I've never cooked or eaten tempeh before. It's made of soy, so it didn't have much taste (maybe a little of the marinade--I didn't get to marinade it very long), but I liked the texture better than tofu, so I think I'll continue cooking with it. The heirloom tomatoes were amazing, and the whole barely-cooked vegetables with tempeh and cooked onions over pasta deal was delicious. I especially loved the yellow tomatoes; it added fun color.

I'm on the hunt, currently, for tapioca and sorghum flours. They are the main ingredients to two recipes in Gluten-Free Girl: tapioca flour (or starch, I can't remember) for Lemon Cookies and sorghum flour for bread.
Anyway, gotta go. Dylan and I are seeing Eat, Pray, Love this afternoon, and we have to finish getting ready and head out.

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