16 September 2010

Pan-Seared Salmon and GF Cupcakes

Food is way more interesting than malaise.
Last night, instead of our usual frozen fish filets, boiled/steamed, frozen tater tots and frozen veggies (it's a staple), we had pan-seared salmon, quinoa and fresh (steamed) broccoli.
I'm reading a book called Gluten-Free Girl (she also has a blog), and it's filled with how to use food, as well as recipes, and anecdotes about food that are just mouthwatering.
One of the recipes was for pan-seared salmon. The salmon still started out frozen (and next time, I'll give it more time to thaw before starting), but we cooked it on the stove in olive oil, and then moved the pan to the oven for a couple minutes.
(While the oven was heating and the salmon was sitting on the counter--after sitting in the fridge for a couple of hours--the quinoa cooked with steamer baskets above filled with broccoli bits.)
It all would have been wonderful.
I very carefully grabbed two hot pads with which to pull the pan of fish out of the oven, and set it on the stove. DP suggested turning them over and putting them in for one minute longer. Though the recipe didn't say to, I figured we could try it, so I grabbed the handle ... And then stood at the sink for half an hour, running cold water over my hand.
Eventually we did eat, and I managed to put a lid on the salmon and leave the lid on the broccoli-and-quinoa, so everything was still warm when we sat down to eat. And though it was very yummy, I think it would have been better if it hadn't all stood there for half an hour.
I iced my hand while eating--eating with my left hand sucked--and ran it under cold water some more after eating, and I've been slathering my hand with aloe vera ever since.
It doesn't really hurt today; the skin's a little stiff, but I think that just requires more aloe.

It was my friend's birthday earlier this week, and tonight is the first time I get to see her since then. We're having a mini-party at writing group tonight, and I'm bringing Gluten-Free Cupcakes. Alas, they come from a mix, so there's not much in the way of exciting finds ... except this picture.
DP's friend Ben has chickens. He gives eggs to his coworkers. We had three Ben-eggs and three regular white store-bought eggs. The mix called for four eggs.
Guess which ones I used?

Three dark yolks from Ben's eggs, one bright-yellow yolk from the store-bought eggs. I'd never had a chance to compare them side-by-side like that ...

Anyway, more adventures with food are bound to show up here. Gluten-Free Girl is inspiring me to not just play in my kitchen more and to try new foods, but also to examine every single thing I put in my body more closely. I'm still feeling less than 100%, and it might not all be food, but food is one thing I can control, so why shouldn't I try to pull all gluten out of my diet?
Love you all!

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