02 December 2010

A New Idea!

Wow, they're just all over, aren't they? (New ideas.)

Well, I was reading dither's blog (again, you can follow this elegant and finely crafted link), wherein his comic got fan art! (Which is totally cool.)
Well, he has mentioned sprites before, but here he says the magic phrase: sprite comic format. I had to look it up. (See the other Wiki to see what I read.) And then DP clarified it for me.
Basically, you take static elements, and then put them together. Computer graphics, tiny pixellated blobs of color, and static backgrounds. You tell a story basically with props, instead of with amazing artwork.
Well, it takes me way too long to draw anything (I have, I can, but not in any sustained way, not really), and I don't have a video gaming or computer-related background. So here's how the idea morphed in my head:
Paper dolls!

I'm going to draw the backgrounds and dolls myself, including clothes and other props. I haven't decided yet how I'll put the whole thing together, but I have some options. The end product will be something basically comic-book-like, but I'll actually be able to produce it, and keep updating it.
This is exciting!


  1. If you'd like any help with getting started: writing, crafting, web-hosting, getting your name out and about (TVtropes!), or anything of the like, feel free to ring me up! :D


  2. Oh, my, brainstorming? Discussing? Doing creative things together? Sign me up!
    But seriously, though this is a thing I've had in the back of my mind for years, I do have very little idea of how to go about it, so I probably will take you up on your offer ...

  3. I wanted to create my own webcomic since 2001/2002 and I've only just gotten started, almost 10 years later (though not for lack of trying). I wouldn't say that I know everything, or even most things, in fact, I'd say I barely know anything at all about making a successful webcomic, but I know a lot about making unsuccessful ones, so we can always start there. xD

  4. Just so you know, I am incredibly excited for this. I want to see your lovely paper dolls and the stories you tell with them!! :)


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