15 January 2011

Hello, Saturday. I have a day off today. DP does too, of course.
Probably we'll do housely things that haven't otherwise been getting done, like cleaning out the fridge, and making soup. We might also watch a movie, though.

I'm trying to write, but my brain is mostly not cooperating. There's the fairy tale magazine, a Crimson Pact anthology, and I'd just love to submit something to Realms of Fantasy ... (Strange Horizons has already seen most of my basically done stories.)
I have a couple stories that I've written and have gone through the critique process a couple times, and maybe I could continue to look at them, but they're basically ready, so I guess I can try to send them out as often as possible.
But the fairy tale and the Crimson Pact story have to be new, because I've never written a story involving the Crimson Pact before, and I can't anticipate what the next fairy tale theme will be ... and I can't really smoosh them together (though I did come up with an idea for a story that would do that ... ) because their reading periods are similar, and at least one of them doesn't want to be reading the same thing as someone else at the same time. I guess that's polite.

But still, if I can write a bunch of new short stories, even if they don't get published right away, that's more stories to polish, then send out to non-themed magazines. Because, as it turns out, I think I do better with longer stuff than shorter. Not necessarily novel-length: my Changeling stories are all about 12,500 words (give or take a thousand), which is at least 2,500 more words than the maximum accepted submission I've seen so far ... so I'm not sure what I'll do with those ... And the story I'm trying to write for the writing group's Quarterly Challenge is quickly turning into ... probably novel-length.

Anyway, maybe I'll have breakfast now.

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