25 January 2011


Because of Voc Rehab, I saw a, um, Clinical Social Worker the other day. (Someday I'm going to have to learn what the difference is between all these titles. Apparently the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist is that the latter can prescribe drugs.)
So, we talked (among other things) about depression and anxiety and how that makes work life (and normal interaction with people life), um, very difficult. She mentioned aerobic exercise as a method of anti-depressant.

So, I was scheduled to work on Sunday at 7am. The bus I normally take down the hill doesn't run on the weekends, so when that bus isn't available, I usually bike down the hill and then to get home, I bike to the train, take the train up the hill, and bike home from the train. But biking downhill really doesn't afford much exercise.
So I decided to walk. I figured I would also walk back uphill, because it's really not that far, it's just a steep hill. I left a little later than I'd intended, though, so I was walking as quickly as I could downhill, so as not to be late for work.
I ended up not walking home from work, partially because my legs had started to hurt (but they often do after six to eight hours of standing on a tile-covered concrete floor), and mostly because I had purchased a $20 toaster oven. (It was on sale from $25, and that was cheaper than the $45/50 toaster/convection ovens we'd seen at Costco on Saturday.) So I was carrying this huge box, and I didn't want to walk all the way home carrying it. Plus, I knew that if the bus gods were kind, it would only take two buses: the #209 to 400 S and 900 E, and then the #220 to a block from my home.
They were kind, and I only waited for about twenty minutes.

By Monday, my legs really started to hurt. I worked yesterday, too, so I was standing on tiled-over-concrete for five hours with shin splints, yay!
When I got home, I spent the evening with my legs elevated. By the time DP got home, I could barely walk. I hobbled around, steadying myself on the walls and furniture.
It's better now. in that I can basically walk. Still, today's a day off, and I'm so glad ...

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