28 February 2011


I ate chocolate on Saturday. I was very strict: no dairy, no gluten or unwhole grains, and I accepted sugar as a necessary evil--does anyone make chocolate without sugar? Mmm, agave nectar chocolate ...
No clue.

Anyway, I drank chocolate Silk (it was dutch process cocoa, unfortunately, but I'd been craving chocolate "milk" for so long), and I ate these really good gluten-free "brownie" cookies--they didn't really have the brownie texture, so I don't know why they claimed to be brownies, but they were yummy.
The rest of the day, I had a stuffy nose and a lingering headache (a headache that lingered from Friday?), and BS says that nose symptoms can happen within 15 minutes, so perhaps that was the chocolate.
Yesterday I was basically fine. A little lethargic/depressed, but hardly any headache at all, and my breathing was clear. Today I'm a little stuffed up again, and I have a tiny headache and a little more joint pain.

It occurs to me that I might have to run this test again, just to go through everything and make certain that I react the same way. I've had a little bit of nose-runniness today and yesterday, but nowhere near as bad as what I got after eating sugar. So, who knows what that means? The less sugar I have, the less symptoms I have? Or does chocolate mitigate the sugar factor?
Who knows.

Tomorrow's a new day, and I get to try a new thing. Not sure. I'm probably going to put off dairy a bit longer. Fried foods would be good to test (I miss my potato chips), but I think testing non-whole grains (basically white rice) would be better to try sooner. Turning down any food made of less than 100% whole grains is really hard, much harder than being gluten-free or accepting no sweeteners but agave nectar and honey and fruit juice ...

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