03 February 2011

New developments

Um, I guess.
Some things are working out, some, not so much. My glasses are finally being shipped out. They may appear today, when the shipment arrives; possibly tomorrow. I just want them before the weekend: UU choir is doing two Requiem performances, one on Saturday at 4522 S 1300 E (it's a retirement home, but I don't remember what it's called) at 3pm, and one on Sunday at the First Unitarian Church (600 S 1300 E) at 9am and 11am.
Feel free to come.
And then I'm seeing a play (Persian Quarter at SLAC) with DP and our friends H&B. So I really want my eyes to not hurt for all that ...

Anyway, I've also started taking an SSRI, with mixed results: side effects I've noticed include yawning and nausea. The pharmacist told me I might get headaches while the serotonin levels were building up, so I don't know if my frequent/constant headaches currently are due to that or the eye strain, or the volume of my audiobooks, which doesn't seem to be louder than the music, but I seem to miss more sounds while "reading" ... Also, the constant fatigue may or may not be due to the SSRI, rather than being the same constant fatigue I've been feeling for years ...

On another note: my tattoo appointment fell through. Etc. I've talked about this on Facebook, so I'll probably skip the boring details, plus I'm depressed, which makes me less eager to share things with the internet ... (I've only been taking the SSRI for one week, and the pharmacist told me it would take up t three weeks for the "optimal" levels of serotonin to build up ... so I'm still depressed.)

I haven't been writing. I've been sleeping and "reading" and watching House.

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