01 January 2009

Aphrodite's Call, by Jasmin Cori

Hunters Beware!
My body is a vast land
and you come by invitation only.

Who amongst you has the courage
to enter my forests without a bow?
Who can meet the Animal in me
and not be devoured?

I am Aphrodite
and I know my wealth!
There are no rivers deeper than mine
no mountains that have claimed the lives of more men
foolish in their choices.

He who answers my call
must be ever-vigilant
lest he slip on the sheer cliffs
high above the paths that ordinary men walk
and falling, meets his death below.

And yet he must not be stopped by the fear of it.
He must be dauntless in his courage
and reckless as a youth
for there is no turning back.

I call the lion-hearted,
He who asks not for comfort and safety
but goes all out for ecstasy
to lose himself in the Great Dance
consumed in my fire, melted in my rivers
one with the elements.

Come swim in me!
Plunge boldly into the depths of my passion
carrying nothing
for there is nothing you can bring me
that I do not already have.
I want only your delight.

And so the final paradox:
You the strongest and bravest of men
must come not as conqueror
but as child
with your heart in your hands
to be in this moment only
not mine, but one with me.

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  1. I totally recognize this, I haven't finished the Naked Feminist Poetry, but it's pretty darn good


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