07 April 2009

Screnzy! 30 pages!

Re: my previous post
Thanks to everyone for their comments, but it's really okay. I was kind of confused that night and whatever, but I'm honestly not interested in wasting anymore time/energy on it.

So, on to what I am willing to spend time and energy on:
I'm at 30 pages in my script, which means that I am ahead! (I would love to say that I'm WAY ahead, because it feels like it, because I was so very behind about this time during NaNo, but, alas, others are so much more ahead than me.)
I'm not only ahead of the "where you should be if you're writing the same amount (3.33 pages) every day" page count goal, because I expected to be ahead of that. I'm also ahead of my own calendar, which takes into account the fact that I can't write much on Sundays, and on Sundays when the choir sings (April 12 & 26), not at all, etc. I am, in fact, a full day ahead of schedule: tomorrow I was supposed to hit 30 pages. Instead, tomorrow I will blaze through that 1/3rd goal marker like nobody's business!
Plus, I don't have to work Friday, so even if I sleep in ridiculously late (as has been par for the course for me for the past few months), I at least won't have to go anywhere in the evening (unlike every other evening so far this month), which means I will have ample writing time.
At some point in time, I am going to need to keep working on my story (the one I'm adapting for a screenplay), because I find that if I have to make up what I need to write that day (like scenes involving someone other than my MC (main character), as the story is in first-person), then that really slows me down. Which sucks.

Anyway, I've been getting ideas not only for next NaNo, but also for next Screnzy. For next Screnzy, I'm going to write the script for a comic. I'm really excited about that, as the comic idea has been in my head for a while. And unlike last NaNo, I am going to heavily outline both projects before starting: the Office of Letters and Light discourages it, as you're supposed to write fast and not worry about being bad, and thus, if you've already spent so much time on the project, you might worry too much and that would ruin the whole point of it.
However, I obviously write MUCH faster when I know what I'm doing, so therefore, I'm going to outline. It's also only a suggestion, rather than a rule, so ...
And for next Screnzy, I want to be writing 450 pages in a month (2 script pages per comic page, roughly, and I want to write nine issues of a comic, at roughly 25 pages each) ... so I'll need to write REALLY fast. (lol--I doubt I can do it, but I would like to write maybe three of the issues, which is 150 pages.)
So, as soon as Screnzy is over, I'm going to start working on both those projects, in addition to all my other projects out there: finishing/fixing my 2008 NaNo, the novel/stories my Screnzy's based on, probably finishing/fixing my Screnzy, and that's just writing projects. I also have Project 365 (which is suffering this month), and (according to my Big Fun Scary List) I have to sew a wardrobe, learn fancy knitting (which I think by now requires me to do something big, like a sweater or something. I am making up a pattern right now, and I'll show you when it's done.), and a bunch of other things that are just embarrassing, like practicing my violin, just because it's been so long since I've done it. However, finding a job is also on that list, so ...
I think my next BFS List won't be so long. However, I did say that I didn't expect to do them all this year, so that's really okay ...

So, anyway, this is kinda long now, and I have heard that Hulu finally updated the new episode of Dollhouse, and since I told myself I couldn't watch it until I had 1/3 of my script completed, I need to go and do writing of a different kind ...


  1. Sounds like you're being really productive. Awesome! I am really interested in your sweater pattern. Can't wait to see that! :D

  2. Oh, whoops! I did not mean to imply that I was making a sweater pattern ...
    I am not. I made up some armwarmers, which is probably less impressive, but somewhat more believable ... I'll need to actually make a sweater or two before I can make up a pattern!


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