25 March 2009


My sister Emily (in Chicago) made this video, so I thought I'd share it:

I'm pretty sure the drum in the background is mine ...

24 March 2009


Kelly's funeral was this morning. It's been hard, and I still start crying whenever I talk about him. I guess I'm coping. I'm going to have a keening with some friends, and I think that is sorely needed.
It was awful seeing his body, because it's not him. He's so clearly not there anymore. His face was completely blank, which is definitely not him.
I found this picture of him on his daughter Marissa's Facebook page (she's the one in the middle, being held by her mom, Wendy), and thought, That's Kelly. He opened his arms to everyone he met, and said, Welcome.

20 March 2009

Kelly Almond, A Damn Fine Writer

My friend Kelly Almond got hit by a car on Tuesday, and his family is removing life support today. He was one of the best storytellers I've ever known. He will be greatly missed.

I'm still in shock.

14 March 2009


Script Frenzy: a writing challenge put on by the Office of Letters and Light, who also does NaNoWriMo, in which one writes a 100-page script in the month of April.
So, I decided today that I was going to do it, so I signed up! My page, if you'd like to visit it:
I've very excited, for many reasons. I've never written a script before. I've never even thought about scripts before, really. I have read bits of Firefly scripts, and found them fascinating, but I've never read the entire script for even a TV show. Writing scripts is WAY different from writing prose. WAY different. I'd like to emphasize that. I have an actual plot-like thing. In fact, my script will be an adaptation from a short story that I will have finished (writing) by April 1st. So, I'll have more than just a plot-like thing. Which is WAY more than I started with with NaNo. Just as a reminder, my idea for NaNo was: a vampire novel. 100 pages is WAY shorter than 50,000 words. I believe the Screnzy FAQ called it 20,000 words. That's nothing! That's EASY!

So. I'm way excited! And, I have to eat and head on over to visit my boyfriend, so, it's time to go!
Love you all!

02 March 2009

Promised Pictures

I've promised some pictures ... this is mostly for people who don't look at my photoblog, because the pictures are there.
This is the fanciest thing I've done so far, my Victorian wristlets:

Close-up of cables and the picot bind-off:

Close-up of the ruffles:

And here's my cavies!
The first picture is of Panda (you can tell it's Panda by the black circles around his eyes):

And this is Bear:

They are, fortunately, both males, or more specifically, boars. (Females are called sows, and I have no idea what babies are called, and somehow piglets seems wrong.) (But I can't seem to find anything.)

Anyway. I slept in way late today, and I have things I need to do (like write, visit my boyfriend who's sick, take pictures, visit that children's store I mentioned earlier, and look for a job). So I'm signing off now, and I'll chat with you all later. I love you all.

01 March 2009

February: A Waste

You know, mostly.
No, I just feel bad because I didn't get to see the Vagina Monologues, let alone participate (I wanted to audition for tVM put on by the U). Also, I don't think I played the violin all month, and I've only written a tiny bit. I also didn't even take pictures every day: I missed three days. I was sick, but still.

But March will be so much better! I promise. Tomorrow, I'm going to look for a new job and see if the upscale children's clothing store at 9th and 9th will take local artists' work on commission (or, even better, just purchase it outright), because if so, I'm going to knit some fancy children's clothing, and see if I can sell it.
And I'll write at least six times a week (I'm giving up on doing much of anything on Sundays).
But I have to go if I want to get to game on time!