26 April 2011

I Love Daffodils!

Last year, at the end of the Farmer's Market*, I bought three daffodil bulbs.
Then, they sat in my kitchen (in the fruit bowl**) for ... Months. I worried about them, but suddenly it was snowing, and I certainly couldn't plant them when it was snowing***, and finally, in JANUARY, I asked if there was anything to be done. Apparently, there was. On the next thaw-day, I grabbed my little shovel† and dug three little holes (it was a nice day, and not freezing), as deep as I could, which I didn't think was actually deep enough. The daffodil bulbs went in the holes, and I covered them best I could with dirt.

Then I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And it was APRIL, and all the other daffodils in the world had bloomed already††! And where were mine?
Sure, there were little green sprouts, but daffodils are supposed to bloom EARLY! Like March.
Only, apparently, there are early-blooming daffodils and late-blooming daffodils, and my friends said I must have gotten the late-blooming daffodils ....

THEN, last night, suddenly, there they were: Daffodils! Well, one full daffodil, and one of the bulbs had two buds, and the last one was still just green stem ...
But still. It made my night.



**Until we set aside a second bowl for garlic and ginger and, um ... daffodil bulbs ...

***Having been much too lazy to plant them, you know, when it was prime-bulb-planting-time. Before the snow.

†Is it called a trowel? If I'm going to be serious about gardening^, I'm going to need to learn these things ...

^Which I'd love to be, but highly doubt such a thing will actually happen.

††There is one slopey backyard on my street (west of me) that is COVERED in daffodils. I am SO jealous. It's what I want my yard to look like ...


  1. Woot! I love daffodils! They're my very favorite flower.

  2. Also, you freaking weirded me out with your name-change ... I went to check out your profile and was like, Okay, how is this not DW? And then of course, I scrolled down and got to your blogs, and it was ...


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