10 June 2011

New Address

I threatened it, about a year ago.
The address of this blog is now
The reasons are entirely writing-related. And even though Google-searching Rowan Fae does bring me up (along with a troupe of Irish Dancers), I still want the URL that has my name in it (and straight-up rowanfae.blogspot is being used by some kind of trapeze artist ... ).

The old address is still there with a link to this address (and I felt fancy doing that: researched what URLs were available, then picked the less-desirable one (rowan-fae--because, strangely enough, things like thisisaplaceholder and unimportant were already taken) for the new blog, upon which I wrote a bit of stuff about "this address is no longer Rowan's blog, go to the new address", then I went and changed the URL for this blog, and once that was changed, changed the new one to the old URL).

Anyway, that's about it for news today. Except that I was super-depressed last night, and my friends did a "healing" on me, and it helped, a lot. I was able to cry and have it mean something, change something.
And Tokyo Cat watched the energy intently the entire time, very much a part of the process.

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