10 June 2011


I just sent three poems to Bull Spec. I think I can expect an answer in about a month. I sent a steampunk poem about a clockwork messenger owl, a fantasy about a phoenix, and a dark fantasy about love gone wrong. Considering the fiction guidelines talking about wanting pieces with hope, I'm not sure the last one is really right for the magazine, but I love it so--and I hope the three pieces together display the diversity I am capable of, or something like that.
B has talked about an open mic night at Crone's Hollow, and I think I'd have fun reading some of my poems there.

On a slightly different topic, I've signed up to pass out the first chapter of Lifechanger to CALLIHOO (the writing group) in a couple weeks, which means I need to finish editing that last chapter-and-a-half I have left over from (mm-hmm) March--NaNoEdMo. Because I don't want multiple drafts being worked on at the same time.
Really, it's just a matter of applying the bum glue. It really won't take me more than two hours, which means I'm just being lazy. So, you know--I'm hoping the deadline will help. Maybe I'll even do it tonight: I'm off work, and I don't have anything going on on Fridays. Dylan's at aikido, I have the house to myself for a couple hours. So, you know, no excuses. I should eat a little something, and get to work.
I'll try it. I'll let you know how it goes.

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