06 June 2011


Work has consumed my life the past few days. I opened on Friday (wrote about that in my last post), closed on Saturday, opened on Sunday (and slept in and was late), and opened today. A "cleanliness walk" was scheduled for today--big bosses walking through, making sure everything's clean.
So, of course, that means ridiculous amounts of cleaning. I of course have no idea how much cleaning got done in the shifts when I wasn't there, but I worked my butt off: the morning shifts tend to be slow--especially early--so instead of waiting till noon on Sunday when there would be two of us for an hour so I could clean or she could clean or both of us could clean, I spent the morning scrubbing the entire place.
We have a short broom. After two days of sweeping, my lower back hurts like hell.
I left early on Sunday. That was my main motivation for cleaning all morning, that if everything was already clean, I could go home and fall asleep. Which I did, for hours. Which is why, instead of going to bed at 8:30pm (for eight hours of sleep) or even 10:30pm (for six hours), I went to bed around 11:30pm Sunday night.
I did manage to wake up on time this morning, and get to work on time, and open everything up, and ... clean some more. There were a few bits I had missed/forgotten the day before, and even though I did fill the car-window-washing buckets on Sunday, the water-lines had noticeably decreased, so I added water to them. I also spent time spraying down oil spots with this awesome stuff that, when it works, works like magic. Then I had to rinse the spots, so, water everywhere.
But it was fine.
And the walk never happened.
At least, not while I was there. Maybe it happened after I left. I don't know, and I only have a passing curiosity about it.

I got home, checked my email, sent an email, read today's webcomics, and Robin McKinley's blog, updated Facebook ... and then the internet broke. (Power flickered, internet went down.)
And I knew there was a way to fix it, but didn't know how, so I called Dylan, but he wasn't able to find the instructions, and he didn't know where the paper was, etc. Long story short, I ran an errand (University Pharmacy for Lysine (for preventing cold sores) and Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream to rub all over my nails in the hopes it'll mean something--it does smell nice), and watched some House (not on the internet) until Dylan came home and could fix the internet.
So, here I am, ridiculously tired at 10pm, writing about work instead of CONduit. But I have a day off tomorrow. I'll sleep in. And if I don't write about CONduit, I'll at least try to write about something interesting.

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