24 July 2011

AoE, how I missed thee ...

Yes, I stayed up until 5am playing Age of Empires--and it was SUCH a satisfying win! I LOVE playing the Spanish, because I LOVE the Army of Monks (no, not the Army of Mooks), and I love converting all my enemies rather than killing them (and they kept sending me monks to convert, too; how nice of them), and then having my gunpowder units blowing up the buildings and, in this case, the godsdamn ships. I also, of course, had a bunch of trebs or other siege engines. It was a blast.
I think my favorite part, though, was that it was me and the computer (two civilizations only), and I accidentally left the computer as my Ally ... which meant that I built my army in peace, and then sent them over there, and set my status to Neutral (and later Enemy), and for the first bit, he couldn't attack back, because he had me set as Ally ...
Oh how I love razing towns that can't defend themselves.
But it was satisfying, in that he did eventually start fighting back, and it was close. He razed one of my monasteries! Where the relics (most of them) were kept, and where monks are built! I had a back-up, though, and managed to get the (cannoneer) cavalry to my monastery before they razed the second one.
And he surrendered before I got a relic win, which is also satisfying. I usually feel cheated if I don't get to utterly destroy a civilization ...

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