02 September 2007

Moved In

So, I've moved. I'm in Highland, UT, which is 40 minutes by car from my work and most of my friends (maybe 30 minutes from some of my other friends) . . . and I don't have a car. And the bus doesn't come this far south.
It's alright. I'm living in the "playhouse" -- the original owner built a two-story two-room building, detached from the house. The bottom part is storage. The top part is the "playhouse", where the original owner kept and played his instruments . . . I don't know what they were, but apparently, he was a musician.
It's filled with boxes and shit for now, but I'll unpack soon enough.
And as soon as I'm finished eating, I'll borrow my dad's laptop (which I am using right now) to see if I get a signal out there. It'd be awesome if I did . . .

Oh, I also got the idea to create a webcomic.
Plus: I love writing/stories. I love creating characters. I like and am decent at drawing/visual art. I've been thinking about comics/graphic novels/fan fiction/etc. for a while now.
Minus: I don't know that I could update every other day or every week or anything like that. I've not only thought about it for a while, I tried it. I started a website for fan fiction for my favorite TV show ever (when I was younger). (Okay, it was Sliders . . . ) I got three episodes written out. And then I dropped it. I still have all the notes from the fan fiction. I still have the stories. I unpublished the site because I wasn't updating. (But I still have all the information for it.)
So, I dunno. I'll keep thinking about it/working on characters and world and story, and maybe even working on character sketches . . .

So, anyway, soup's done, so I'm gonna go to my room and see if I have internet. I'll let you know if it works . . .
love, hugs and bloody muffins,
the wretched whore

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  1. Sounds like things are going well, Rowan. Glad to see you w/interets again. I am looking forward to seeing some new art!!!


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