20 September 2007

Losing My Mind

I'm sure it's a fairly common occurence. You walk into a room, and as you do so, you completely forget what it was you wanted to get. Or do? You can't remember. It's really frustrating, because you know as soon as you go back to what you were doing before, you'll remember, and so you'll have to make the trip all over again.

Now, imagine that happening all the time. With everything. You get on the computer, knowing there was something specific you wanted to do. And it's completely gone. Sponged out.
And there's no guarantee that it'll ever come back.

That's me, now. Every day. With so much that I do. I'm living in this haze.

And it's only after I write all this that I finally remember that I wrote the things I needed to get done on my hand, so I'd remember.

Anyway. I just logged onto the public computer so I could do something I've been needing to do for a little while, and as the computer was loading, I thought: Now, what did I need to do? I thought I needed to do something, but what was it?
So, my first reaction was to come here and write about it.
I'm thinking about starting a new blog specifically about thyroid problems. I can share all the interesting things I learn, and all my scary no-brain moments. It might be interesting.

So, I need to get going.


  1. Wow, I know exactly what you mean. You might want to try a B vitamin supplement. It's helpful when it comes to handling thyroid problems.

  2. I read your comment on my blog, and I just wanted to say thank you . . . from one bloomergrrl to another. I will definitely check out your blog from now on. I think we may have a lot in common. Oh, also, if you're looking for some new bloomers, I can definitely recommend some places on the web.


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