09 January 2009

Thoughts of Changes

I never thought I'd want to change the way my blog looks. It's black and pink, and a bit of purple. What could be better? And yet, coming to my personal blog from my photoblog, which is light-colored ... well, I thought ... wow, that's really dark.
Hmm. It may still come to naught.

What I really came here to say was, I wrote some articles for eHow just now, and I'm excited about it. eHow is one of my favorite websites (along with Fashion-Era and Elizabethan Costuming), and I've contemplated writing articles for it, but I've always thought, oh, there's already articles for everything I know how to do ...
And for the most part, that's true, but! I wrote an article that had been requested, so presumably hadn't been written before (How to Make Cinnamon Oil), and then I wrote a set of two articles on the Fertility Awareness Method (one on using it to get pregnant, and one on using it for birth control), and technically, there were already articles that discussed FAM, but often they were inaccurate (using the label FAM, but giving instructions, for example, that involved looking at past cycles to determine your future cycles, which doesn't do shit), or I felt they could have been done better.
And I felt that way about the feng shui articls, too, that I could do better.
So, here I am. It helps that I can get paid if enough people visit my articles, so ... do me a favor: visit me! You don't even have to read the articles, just show up, give 'em a once-over, maybe leave a comment saying how much you love me, and that's all.

Anyway, love you all! I still feel compelled to do something writerly with either my novel or short story, even though I spent all day writing, technically. I'm going to have to figure out why article-writing doesn't feel like "writing" to me ...
But, like I said, I still have to write, and I'm TIRED! (As usual.) So I want to write and get to bed!


  1. Article writing doesn't feel like writing to me, either. It's like blogging, and blogging is FUN! :)

  2. I like the darkness! And it's a nice contrast when coming from your photoblog. :)


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