02 September 2009

Today I got to endure a social nicety I hadn't really been exposed to before: Public Groping in Broad Daylight By a Complete Stranger While I Wait For the Train.
You see, all my previous encounters with groping had happened in the dark, or by someone I knew.

I'm being sarcastic right now because I can be. This was several hours ago (on my way to a yoga class held right before my choir practice), and I was seriously angry after I got on the train and after I got off the train, but walking to the UU church, I had to try really hard to remain angry, because whenever the anger receded a bit, I started crying. I cried through a good half-hour of the yoga class.

Basically (because I'm not interested in going into too much detail), this guy sat down next to me while waiting for the train, and despite my iPod and book, he tried three times to pretend he was asking me where I got my shirt, while gesturing, and got in one good feel (and one "less-good" one, which I misinterpreted as clumsiness or accidental or whatever). He tried once more after that, by telling me the train was coming, and pointing to the train, but by that time I was expecting it, and knocked his hand away.
He also tried to feint going onto the train a different way than me (I went through the bike entrance, and he had a bike, so of course he couldn't go through anywhere else), but I was watching and sat at the front when he did get on the train.

One of my friends suggested that I buy mace, which I will do as soon as ever I am able.

Not to make this a man-hating entry, or even an "exposing all the horrible things men do" entry (because I recognize that my experiences pale beside some women), but I've been wanting to buy mace ever since this guy followed me for at least an hour from the Farmer's Market to the library through the stacks and then back onto the train. Fortunately, he didn't follow me past the train, but I was worried about it. This was a few years ago.

Unfortunately, I do not have the energy currently to make this entry less awful, so we'll end here. I'll just say that there are, fortunately or unfortunately, some wonderful men in my life right now that make me not want to castrate the entire gender.

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  1. For some reason, I have been thinking about this sort of thing happening to me. It hasn't, but it hasn't been far from my mind. I am so sorry though, I am sending virtual hugs. :\


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