31 October 2007


Okay, so I've decided that I'm just really bad at that whole responding-quickly-to-strangers-as-I'm-walking-past thing. Especially if I'm not expecting to be talked to. So here's the conversations I wished I'd had:

walking out of the Tesoro with my coffee, in full Hallowe'en costume; two older (graying) men filling up their car:
(something like) Is that your real hair, or is that a costume?
(what I should have said) Yes, I realize it's a shitty wig, but all my money's going to my chemotherapy ...
(I actually just acted like I didn't hear them, which wasn't too difficult, because I didn't really hear them.)

walking in a parking lot, nearly getting run over by an extremely inconsiderate driver who pretended that he couldn't see me, which, since I was in costume, had to have been difficult:
(the lady walking the other way)
Hit his car with your umbrella.
(what I should have said) I would never risk damaging my parasol for an asswipe like that.
(I actually just shared a laugh with her and moved on.)

Blah. SOOOO fucking tired.

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  1. It's hard to think on the fly unless you spend a lot of time around people. That's one of the reasons I like going out with my friends so much... it sharpens my wit and makes me think on my toes.

    I'm still way sorry I was so weird at the party. I'm also sorry that it was such a lame party... there's usually a ton more people there. And it's hard to go to quiet events like that if you're not used to meeting random people and starting conversations. That's why I hung out at the bar during the party... it's easy to start talking to someone if you're wondering what they're drinking. It then goes from there. Blah. I wish you would have wanted to stick around, because after you guys dropped me off we went to the bar, and then back to Jay's for the party that was happening there. It was SO much fun. People were going around randomly whipping each other, lol. Then... after everyone left, we put on waltz music and waltzed around the living room. It was SO much fun. I was alternating dancing with Londo (the native american one who was dressed as britney spears) with Jay. It was beyond hilarious.

    Anyway... I'm going to have a movie-watching party at Jay's house soon. I will let you know when. Basically we're going to go to the bar down the street from his house first, then go to his house and watch movies until the wee hours of the morning, or until we get tired and go to sleep (whichever's soonest). I'm going to try to get Cecil to come, too, because he and Jay need to get over being butt-hurt at each other for stuff that happened in their relationship. Anyway... yeah. It will probably be in a few weeks or something. And I'm going to make yummy (from scratch) chili, too.


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