26 October 2007

I'm Going to be a Wayward Victorian Girl Escaped From an Asylum (Complete with Plague Rat!)

Part of what's amusing to me about my conversations with my dad is the communication (or lack thereof) between us. For instance, when we talk about how much money I need to live comfortably, I'm thinking in "per month", and he's thinking in "per year". Per year numbers, unless they are easily divisible by 12 months (like $12000 or $24000) confuse me. Dad said $30000 or $40000 or something, and I drew a complete blank about how much money that was, how close it was to my "what I can live with" line, etc.

Anyway, Hallowe'en is less than a week away, and I don't have a fucking corset yet. I found four milk jugs in the recycling this morning--the plastic is cut into strips and replaces the whalebone--and so I grabbed them, and the next time I go inside, I'll rinse them out, and maybe find better scissors than mine that Mom will let me use on plastic. Then I'll have the boning. But I still need fabric, grommets, and ribbon, at the very least, and lace and more ribbons if I want my corset all pretty and decorated.
Bah. I have nearly everything else, so I can skip the corset if I have to, especially since I've been invited to a Saturday Hallowe'en party, which I think is this Saturday, as in tomorrow. (I just checked, it IS this Saturday, as in tomorrow--NO CORSET for me!)
Actually, just after writing that, I started thinking: Well, if I spend the morning playing with my wig and looking up corset patterns, then buy my plague rat and the necessary bits for corset-making when I go into SLC today, and then spend this evening and tomorrow morning/afternoon sewing the corset .... then I might have a chance.
So I'm looking at corset patterns right now ...


  1. Gahhh, I'm dying to get a corset. But I really want a nice tightlacing corset. :) Anyways, good luck from a stranger (and fellow Emilie fanatic) with your corset escapades!

  2. You MUST post pictures of your costume! I'm really interested to see what you come up with.

    In the future, if you're looking for an amazing (and authentic) Victorian corset, check out "Originals by Kay" web site, and "The Fairy Goth Mother" has some beautiful ones as well . . . both a little pricey, but definitely something worth saving up for.

    Have a great time at the party!

  3. Your Dad thinks that you will only be able to survive on $15-$20 an hour. $15 is the most I've ever made, and that was more than comfortable for a family of 3. Sounds like he's used to having more of the luxuries than regular people (namely- people like you and I) are okay with forgoing.

    I am so excited about the party! It's going to be great!!! :D


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